Aug 18, 2010

Scrapbook Process: Van-tastic Layout

We are having our monthly crop in our CafeMom group this week, ending Friday.

For one challenge, I was to complete a 12x12 layout to represent my time in the car.  LOL!  So this morning on the way to the mailbox, I grabbed my camera and took some "representing" photos!

I liked how it turned out . . . especially since I used very old paper that I'm too stingy to get rid of!  The flower is made out of a small strip of crepe paper, and I was thrilled that I had matching Thickers! (LOVE Thickers!)  Feeling quite proud of myself, I went to post this photo, only to discover that I didn't quite exactly follow all the rules!  Yellow was to be the main color, with a choice of adding just two colors (purple, green or blue).  I added all three colors, and I don't think my yellow is quite predominant.  However, I keep trying to get our CafeMom group moms to think more outside the box with what they scrap, so I need to do that too.

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