Jun 27, 2012

Sketch Work: Chevrons and Scraps

Today I am being "differently" creative!  I had a few layouts sketched out, so I decided that today was a good day to digitize them so that they can be freely shared.  (Besides, it is going to be another scorcher in Texas -- high of 102 degrees!  A good reason to stay in and be creative!)

Feel free to use and share, although I would love it if you would leave a link below so that I can see your creation!

Here is a sketch with a focus on the popular chevrons:

Sketch #2

And another one, designed to use scraps of wonderful patterned paper that are hard to throw away!

Sketch #3


Jun 26, 2012

Frugal Scrapbooking: Embellishments by the Bulk

I love medallions -- they are fun to make and add some dimension to your cards and scrapbook layouts!  I have been making them for awhile now, but I loved the article in the new issue of Cardmaker magazine (pages 42-44) that gave some techniques and ideas for making medallions in different variations.

After reading the article, I got jazzed again to make medallions, so I decided to make some in "bulk" to use on future projects.  (That way I only had to get my glue gun out once!)  I left buttons and other embellishments off so that I can do customization when I use them later.  

There are step by step instructions in the article, but here is my way for making standard size medallions:  
  • Use a 12" strip of paper, anywhere from 3/4" to 1-1/2" wide.  The wider the strip, the bigger the finished medallion.  (I find 3/4" - 1" size are great for cards, larger sizes for pages and projects)
  • Score paper strip at every 1/4 inch.  For a wider set medallions, do 1/2 inch increments on 1-1/2" wide strips. 
  • Try a more lightweight printed paper or card stock -- although you have to score more carefully, they do seem to work to shape better.
After scoring:
  • Overlap the ends of the strip to make a ring, using super sticky double stick tape to adhere the ends.  (I know some crafters prefer hot glue, glue dots or even staples, but I find the tape works best for me at this step.)  1" wide strips are good for beginners.  
  • Punch a 1" circle, laying on a gluing mat.  Add a nice dollop of hot glue.  
  • Take your paper strip ring and carefully press it into shape, adhering it to the glued circle.  Hold in place until glue starts to dry, then set aside until completely dry. 
  • Embellish with buttons, pins, hardware, ribbon -- ideas are endless! 
Other ideas:
  • Try border punching your strip first for some nice edging, or using a striped paper for some fun circles.  
  • Add as a fun embellishment to frames, banners, and wreaths.  
  • Attach ribbon to a medallion to make a badge for someone to wear for a special occasion.  

Have fun and feel free to comment below on what worked for you!

Jun 24, 2012

Card Making Process: Trying out Washi Tape

I just picked up the new July issue of Cardmaker -- LOVE that magazine!  I went right to work on a couple of the ideas to make my own simple cards.  

The first one I "scraplifted" was from page 34 that was made from the popular Washi tape.  I didn't have much tape here at home but had a small package of three colors that I could try with this card.  I went with a khaki card instead of their white option:

I love ribbon, and I think that this Washi tape is going to be my next addiction!  So fun and easy!

The next card I chose to recreate was from page 36, called "Scrappy Birthday."  I did a little twist on it, and this is the result:

I used papers from the Garden Party matstack from DCWV and thought it followed their theme well.  

This July issue has so many projects I plan to try -- good thing it is summer time so I have more free time to make cards and fill up my stash again!

Jun 21, 2012

Frugal Scrapbooking: Simple-to-Make Albums

This week I finished a couple mini albums that were fast and easy to make, without a mountain of materials!  While some mini albums can be quite elaborate, you can still make something nice and sweet as a special gift without all the fuss.

This Girl Scout album is a coaster album that I designed to make with a troop this week.  I got coasters (square and round) at a Michael's clearance for $.40 a pack (of six), the 12"x12" paper pack from Big Lots for $1.00 (yes, only a $1.00!) and a large packet of jeweled felt flowers for $1.40 in Hobby Lobby's clearance.  I pre-cut the papers (they were all 4" x 4" with rounded edges) and added some unused ribbons that matched from my stash.  All the girls needed to do was coordinate, paste and add the die-cuts and tags that came with the paper pack.  The whole project for a group of four girls was under $4.00.

The second mini album I finished today.  It is a new baby album that will be given as a gift.  It was made from  a $1.00 album that I got in the dollar bin at Joann's and a $1.00 paper pack that I got at Big Lots.  The paper pack was 8-1/2" x 11" and gave me enough paper for the album and 5 additional cards.  I used just a handful of  other supplies (brads, felt flowers, multicolor floss, white buttons, super thin ribbon, and a couple stickers) but the rest was created with the tags and papers from this paper pack:

And this was the finished album.  I don't think it looks like I spent under $5 for the project!

Keep in mind that you can take a unloved (or unused) paper pad and create something wonderful without a lot of extra supplies and embellishments.  And the next step?  Give your love away to someone when you are finished!  

Jun 17, 2012

Card Making Process: You're the Best!

It's a quiet Father's Day here -- the hubs is sleeping during the day for another night shift tonight, but I do plan a nice dinner for him when he wakes up late this afternoon.  I so appreciate him and love him like crazy -- he is just the very BEST.  I am also blessed to have a fantastic father-in-law, who I am not only thankful to have as another dad, but also for the way he raised his son so I would have a great father to my kids too.  Love you!

In tribute to all dads out there, working hard, leading with love and doing all they can for their families, here is the card that I made for my hubby: