Jan 24, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Craft or Sewing Room Treasures

Welcome back, Scrappers for Day Five of Scavenger Scrapbooking! Yesterday's challenge was hard for me -- I was stumped with finding something.  If you found treasure from the workroom, don't forget to link up your project HERE.

There is an example I can show you of a layout completed a while ago with a found item: old luggage keys. (Remember the days when we could lock our luggage with these little things??)

 Today's search is in . . . . The Craft Room!

Yes, this may seem to be too obvious a place to look for hidden treasure, but let's take a relook, shall we?  While this may seem to be an obvious choice, we may have passed over some great goodies that can be additions to our scrapbooking stash. Ready for this challenge??

Don't forget to look through your crafts and sewing boxes for:
  • sewing machine or old sewing patterns
  • patches, fabric remnants
  • embroidery thread
  • feathers, fringe
  • felt, yarn
  • lace, elastic, rick rack, seam bias, zippers
  • leather pieces
  • foam craft pieces
  • measuring tapes, pins
  • gift bags and tags
  • silk flowers
  • beads
And if you are sure you won't find anything in your own craft room, maybe you can get permission to rummage through a family member's sewing or craft box. Not too long ago, my mom got rid of an old sewing machine table that she had around forever.  I had no place for it (I wish that I had!) but what I really wanted was to get inside those drawers before she threw everything out.  The button drawer was the grand prize; I was able to get a mason jar full of beloved buttons to use for scrapbooking and all sorts of projects!  

Or if you have the budget for it, allow yourself so much to spend at a local Thrift Shop or Goodwill Store. Look for some of the items above that you could find yourself tearing apart and using.  

Make sure you share what you find!

Lastly, if you would rather have a color challenge today, here is something fun:  Go get a favorite pillow in your home and put it by your scrap area.  Use the color and/or pattern from it as the inspiration for today's project!  

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

Jan 23, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Workroom Wonders

Welcome to Day Four of Scavenger Scrapbooking!  Did you complete a search of the bedroom, bathroom or beyond from yesterday?  Was it like going to "infinity and beyond?"

I have to say, I didn't think I would have much luck in my own hunt yesterday, but I did come across a couple things that didn't get thrown out in my "cleansing" right after Christmas.

Yes, that is a ponytail holder that was stretched out and unusable, plus an earring with a long, lost mate.  So what do you come up with for this?

The filigree on the hair band reminded me of this Cricut embossing folder I haven't used in eons, and the earring was the inspirations for the colors.  I will probably still use the earring beads for another card. 

Don't forget to link any of your projects for this week HERE.  

Ready for the next challenge?  Today it is the WORKROOM.  

This could be quite an opportunity for some unique finds!

If this area is considered the "Man Cave" of your home and it is an area you would rather not attempt, I understand! (We have certain "man rules" at our house too!)  Try another room such as the Mud Room, Hall Closet, inside the family vehicles, or the area of your home that is considered the "Drop Spot."

Here are some items that may spark your creativity from the workroom, garage or other area:
  • wire
  • old keys
  • picture hangers
  • paint chips, flooring or laminate samples
  • garden seed packets
  • washers, bolts, grommets
  • hinges or other small metal accents
  • nails and screws*
  • paint sticks
  • sand paper
  • cardboard
  • old measuring tape or wooden ruler
  • fast food wrappers, recycling
*Use a Dremel tool to cut off the top of nails or screws in order to use them on your page.

If this becomes difficult, try this:  While looking at this area of your home may not necessarily give you inspiration, you could find a texture for a project technique, a color from the family car or your gardening items, or the set-up of a work table for a sketch idea.  Oh yes -- we can really thinking outside the box. Or the garage, per se.

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

Jan 22, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Welcome to Day Three, Scavenger Scrapbooker!  Did you complete the hunt of the kitchen yesterday?  Did you remember to link up your project HERE?

After looking through my own kitchen, I discovered this stash that probably won't be used in it's original state anytime in the near future:

Yes, I have become one of those Coffee Addicts.  Tea is lovely, but I am usually finding something to wake me up more than to relax me!  After this find, I put together this quick pocket card:

This is an origami folded pocket card started from an 8" x 8" size sheet of paper. It is simply decorated with flowers, ribbon and a "digital sentiment."  (I created my own because I wanted a specific sentiment that I didn't have a stamp for)  Something great to give the Bestie for Valentine's Day.

Here is another idea using a coffee cup warmer:

This was an over sized Thank You card I made for my son's teacher last Spring, as a fun way to give her a Starbucks gift card.

Today's challenge: the Bedroom, Bathroom and Beyond
The "Beyond" can be another room in your house such as the laundry room.  I know that you're thinking that this search could be tricky, but you'll be surprised at what you can find!  As you start your hunt today, here are some items that may trigger creativity:
  • safety pins, Band-aids
  • emery boards, nail polish
  • shoelaces, cording from old sweat jackets
  • clothing tags or price tags from new clothing
  • old or broken jewelry pieces (beads, bling, hooks)
  • playing cards or miscellaneous game pieces, puzzle pieces, Legos
  • items from clothing to be discarded:  buttons, beads, tags, pockets, lace
  • greeting cards, old magazines or puzzle books
  • box from a favorite cologne or cosmetics
  • ribbon or twine from a cosmetic bag or pouch
  • dryer sheets, cotton balls
  • candy wrappers (come'on -- I know you have a stash like I do!)
Remember to hunt in your kids' rooms too!  THAT can be an interesting thing all in itself, right?

Would you rather have a Color Challenge?  Look at one of these rooms and find a color that could be the inspiration for today's project.

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

Jan 21, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Kitchen Catch-all

Welcome to Day Two of Scavenger Scrapbooking!  Did you complete the hunt in the Home Office from my previous post?  Did you remember to link up your project HERE?

After taking a  look at our home office, this is what I found yesterday:

I totally forgot about this hole punch -- it has a hole that is bigger than the ones on my Crop-a-dile and a better size for standard tags.  Score!

From these random paperclips, I found some scraps of ribbon and looped them through the top to make my own embellishments.  Here is one:

Easy to make and much cheaper than buying them premade.  From the Proverbs magnet, I made a card, using the colors as inspiration:

This card doesn't have a sentiment, so I may just enclose the magnet when I send the card!  The other scripture card in my finds was also used as color inspiration:

For this layout, I used a birthday photo and then followed Crystal Schneider's sketch that is now live at The Memory Nest blog for the Monday Challenge!  This sketch was just perfect for scrapping this photo while using some My Mind's Eye "So Sophie" Royal paper. I added a little of the light aqua in order to break up the dark colors with a nice splash of fun.  

Did you find several items in your search but don't have time to make projects with all your treasures?  That's okay! Use a basket to keep your goodies together -- it will serve as inspiration for days to come!  (And of course, you may certainly end up using several of the items on one project!)

Don't forget to link up your project(s)!  I cannot WAIT to see what you've put together!!  

Now on for today's challenge:  The Kitchen.
Let's take a fresh look and see what we can find that will become a new element on our next page.  This room can be a catch-all for so many "intriguing" things, right?  Here are some more ideas to get your hunt started today:
  • coffee filters, cupcake liners, doilies
  • tea bag envelopes, canned food labels
  • straws, wine corks, bottle caps
  • junk mail, store receipts
  • take-out menus
  • old cookbooks or recipe cards
  • cookie cutters
  • paper lunch sacks
  • mesh produce bags
  • paper coffee cut holders
  • aluminum foil
  • string, bread bag tags
  • popsicles, chopsticks, toothpicks
Don't forget to check the front of your refrigerator for artwork, notes, reminders and of course, photos.

Would you rather try a different challenge?  Look at your kitchen and/or dining room as a whole.  Is there an item or color that can be your inspiration for today's project?

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

Jan 20, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking Series: Home Office

Welcome to Day One of this fun series!  We are going on a daily Scavenger Hunt of our homes this week in order to find items of inspiration for a new scrapbook project.

For the next five days, I will give you a challenge for finding something to use differently. For instance, could you use the found item as a:
  1. Unique embellishment or ephemera? 
  2. Overlooked tool? 
  3. Something to turn into a trendy embellishment?
  4. Color inspiration for a new project?
  5. Subject of it's own scrapbook page?
Today's challenge: Home Office Review
Sometimes we forget about the handy items we could use from this room. As you start your scavenger hunt, open up your mind as you look for something that could have a new use.  Here are some items to get you started:
  • printer labels
  • old mail envelopes (look for cancelled stamps)
  • binder clips and paper clips
  • file folders and file tabs
  • CDs (new or old)
  • stationery with matching envelopes
  • key fobs or rings
  • receipt books, rolodex or index cards
  • coin, CD or other specialty envelopes
  • old books, dictionary, thesaurus
  • brads, rubber bands
  • hole punch, date stamps
  • Post-It notes or similar
  • packing tags, ticket rolls
  • punched hole reinforcements
Grab an item that makes you go "Aha!"

Finally, look at the entire room.  Is there an object or color that could trigger some creativity?  

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

Jan 18, 2014

Card Making Process: Cute and Simple Card using RSVP!

Happy Saturday!  Today I just wanted to share another birthday themed projects that I completed with the Basic Grey "RSVP" collection:

Jan 17, 2014

Inspiration Series: Scavenger Scrapbooking!

http://www.livingacraftinglife.blogspot.comWelcome to my a new blog series to kick off 2014!

January is always my month to set goals and to rethink ways in which I can save money in the family budget. To help with this, I select two months of the year in which I do a total "scrap fast."  A "scrap fast" is my name for going the entire month without spending any money towards scrapbooking or cardmaking supplies. Gulp. It is definitely one of the hardest things to do (besides working out!) but it also forces encourages me to use what I have in my stash. (Kinda like a self-inflicted challenge!)
This month is one of my chosen "scrap fast" months. Because December is usually such a great time to find spectacular crafting deals, I too indulge in a little Merry-Christmas-to-Me shopping.  Scheduling a "scrap fast" in January is not only helpful for the wallet, but it is a little easier when I already have some new things in my stash to use.
If you are in the same type of situation, or want to use this month to hold back on the craft spending, this series will be a unique way to have some fun while spending no money.  Ready for the challenge?
Each day during this series, I will challenge you find items in specific rooms in your home that you will use toward a scrapbook page layout.  Think of it as a new way to rejuvenate your scrapbooking mojo and get some layouts finished.

Once you have finished any of this series challenges, you are welcome to link your project below using Mr. Linky for future readers to get inspiration!  


Jan 16, 2014

Scrapbook Process: RSVP by Basic Grey!

If you find yourself behind in your Birthday layouts or cards, Basic Grey has once again made a versatile kit that is perfect for both. It's the RSVP paper line, and this week I am highlighting this lovely kit, courtesy of  Leslie at The Memory Nest Store and the Blog.

Papers included, Side A

Love these B sides!

Here is how I started my layout:  The left of this next photo shows previous 8-1/2 x 11" pages that I wanted to redo in 12 x 12 size, along with the reprints of the focal photos that I want to use this time around.  

I chose this combination of paper for the page:

Oh, and check out January's Pagemaps at; their sketches this month are SO fitting for this paper kit!  This is the one that I selected:

Here is the start of the layout process incorporating three photos instead of just the one as shown on the original sketch:    

Normally I don't utilize stamps for layouts, however, I had a Hero Arts stamp set with a cupcake motif that was perfect for this particular page! It was time to practice with my Bic Mark-Its (plus a Copic blender pen). I am not a alcohol marker pro whatsoever, so in this case I stamped the image three times so that I could practice color combinations and choose the one that worked best. 

The complete layout:  This page also includes items from the RSVP Mixed Brads, available separately from the paper kit (but a must-have!):

Here are some closeups of the embellishment areas. Aren't the pinwheels cute? Oh, and notice what I did with the title - I was out of "E's" so I substituted with "3's" turned backward.  It fits the whimsical feel of the layout, don't you think?

This is a closeup of the finished cupcake, colored in with Bic Mark-It markers.  The Copic blender pen was used to soften the lines of the two-toned chocolate frosting. As a special touch, the frosting was highlighted with a Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll Pen.

Have you had a chance to use this paper kit yet?  If so, leave your blog page link in the comments below so that we can see your creations!

Come back tomorrow for a special announcement and on Saturday to see a super simple birthday card that was created from the RSVP kit!  

Jan 13, 2014

Happy Scrappy New Year! See What's Coming!

Happy 2014!  I hope that this year brings you many wonderful memories that will fill your scrapbooks to overflowing!

The last couple weeks, I have been busy planning what the "Living a Crafting Life" blog will include for the new year. Here is what you can expect:

  • Learn how to easily incorporate Faith and more of Yourself into your scrapbooking;
  • Begin card making with simple, fast and cute cards from your scrapbooking supplies;
  • Be inspired by many project ideas with current and "throwback" paper designs and kits;
  • Have fun with unique scrapbooking challenges and techniques;
  • Find shopping links to items showcased on the blog if you want to add to your stash; 
  • Enjoy FREE video tutorials, sketches and printables;
  • Benefit from more fun, subscriber only freebies and prizes!

So have you subscribed here yet?  Do so today so that you don't miss the exciting announcements coming later this week! (It includes the word "FREE!")  

Use the social media links on the top of the right bar of this blog to find me on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.  Let's stay in touch and have some scrappy fun together!