Sep 4, 2010

Card Making Process: Glossy Apple Accent Card

I finally picked up a bottle of the Glossy Accents (by Ranger) while checking in at Scrapology last week.  While going through my school themed stash, I came across four of these simple apple diecuts (I think they were from Creative Memories):

I knew they would be cute on Teacher cards, but they were . . . well . . . dull.  Ta-da!  Glossy Accents!

I started around the outside to make sure I got to the edges (you can use the bottle tip to move it around), then worked toward the middle.

This is when I was done -- I did use the bottle tip to take off just a little bit of that pool at the bottom of the apple.  It's okay if the paper bows a little.  It drys flat.  Make sure you give it plenty of time to dry.  I played it safe by letting it dry an hour, but it may only take 30 minutes.

Voila!  The finished apple on the card.  Really dresses it up, doesn't it? Makes old stuff look new.

You can notice the bubbles at the bottom of the apple?  I learned -- don't shake the bottle!  LOL  But you don't really notice it unless you look up close like this!

Have any of you had experiences with Glossy Accents?  Let me know or post your project using Mr. Linky below!


  1. What a cute teacher card! I love that glossy accent, it's great!

  2. this is fabulous, Angieboo! i love this stuff, both the glossy and crackle, and they are SO useful! your little apple is adorable!

    Glossy Accents also make a fantastic ADHESIVE for pain-in-the-butt items, and Adina uses it for all of her ribbons and trims. the stuff rocks!

  3. it really keeps the ribbons and what not on...great info karm. i've been wanting to know what will keep those things down without the funky drying thing that happens to it. lizzie sent me a used beer cap(one of the metal ones) and she had put a really cute piece of paper in it and then what i believe is the glossy accents. it is a really cool emby...i havn't used it yet, but its super special and i'm saving it for something awesome!