Nov 1, 2010

Product Review: The Bzz on Elmers and X-acto craft products

This is my review on the Elmers and X-acto products that I received from BzzAgent! 

From the package of products that I received, I can say that my favorite product was the Elmers Craft Bond liquid glue.  This glue worked great on chipboard albums; it adhered cardstock to the pages without bubbling or pages coming apart later when dry.  The glue dried quickly and was not messy.  I would definitely buy it again for these types of projects.  The bottle does have a narrow dispensing end so that it makes it easier to use on small embellishments.

The tape runner and glue dots were comparable to other brands that I use.  The advantage is that tape runner refills and glue dots replacements are not very expensive at Wal-Mart (the only store where they are available).  The glue stick was okay; we used it for my 7 year old's class project where we glued paper onto paper and it held fine.

As for the X-acto products, I wasn't too impressed.  The corner rounder wasn't very strong and you could only use it on single sheet standard scrapbook paper for it to work well.  The scissors were okay, but I only used them to cut scrap paper to say that a tried it -- I don't use decorative scissors anymore for my scrapbooking or card making.

All in all -- the Elmers products are good and very affordable if you use a lot of different types of adhesive.  The X-acto products I would pass on (at least the scissors and corner rounder).  Other X-acto products are probably still great, such as the ever popular X-acto knife and blades.

That's my review -- I hope that it may help as you make your own purchase decisions.  Feel free to post your opinions here on these products or others -- it always helps!

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