Mar 4, 2012

Photo Focus: Organizing Tips

I came across a little book at the library the other day called, "The One Minute Organizer, Plain & Simple" by Donna Smallin.  There is an abundance of quick to read, easy to implement organizing tips!

Some of these tips are beneficial for us scrapbookers (or paper crafters, or memory keepers!) too!  I have listed them here, along with some of my own notes:
  • Take photos of your child with favorite artwork or school projects. That way you can scrap the photo and let go of the physical item later!
  • Schedule a regular time each week (or month) to sort and organize photos until you are all up to date.  Decide how to organize your photos and digital photos based on what type of scrapper you are:  subject/event or chronological.  (I recently just finished organizing ten years of digital photos!  It was well worth the time -- I found things that I hadn't printed that I forgot about!)
  • Throw away printed photos that didn't come out right or are unusable.  Scrap and use the ones that best represent your family.  Deleting digital photos you know won't be used makes it easier to archive.
  • Throw away duplicate photos.  If you can't bear to toss them, separate them in a different box clearly marked so that you know where to find a photo for a special project or mini album.
  • Consider keeping all of your formal or professional photos in a separate album.  
  • Get in the habit of developing photos on a regular basis.  Put developed photos in your regular photo album or organizer right away so you are ready for scrapping!
Just like anything else in our home, keeping our scrapbooking areas organized will help us as we create wonderful things for our family.  

Have ideas that have worked well for your photos?  Please post here!

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