Jun 27, 2012

Sketch Work: Chevrons and Scraps

Today I am being "differently" creative!  I had a few layouts sketched out, so I decided that today was a good day to digitize them so that they can be freely shared.  (Besides, it is going to be another scorcher in Texas -- high of 102 degrees!  A good reason to stay in and be creative!)

Feel free to use and share, although I would love it if you would leave a link below so that I can see your creation!

Here is a sketch with a focus on the popular chevrons:

Sketch #2

And another one, designed to use scraps of wonderful patterned paper that are hard to throw away!

Sketch #3



  1. These are fabulous sketches. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the sketches....I'll be back with my link and completed pages shortly.