Sep 19, 2013

Scrapbook Process: It's Hip to be Square

Just one of  my many Instagram photos, with filter and frame.
For those of you who are in my age bracket, that Huey Lewis song is running through your brain right now, isn't it?

As we know from social media, there is one main reason why we are hip to be square:  Instagram.  I love (or maybe a little obsessed with) this social network, and as a result, I am using those cropped and filtered little square masterpieces of mine for many other things besides Instagram. They are perfect for blogging, sharing and printing.

But alas - even though I can crop my digital photo goodness to square formats, I find it difficult to send them off somewhere to get them printed in the same wonderful squareness. The main online photo companies do not print your square photos on 4" x 6" paper, but instead will try to enlarge your edited photo to fit the 4" x 6" format.  Why is that?  It seems as long as Instagram has been around now, there should be a slew of companies out there competing for our business when it comes to printing our Instagrams as we want them.

Recently I did find an app that is helping me out --it is through a free app called Printicular.  Upload your square photos and get them printed to pick up at your local Walgreens.  Photos such as the one I have in this post will be developed even with the photo frame, just as you have designed.  The store will even trim them for you so you don't have to do it at home.

There is also a company out there called Persnickety Prints which I just discovered on Instagram, but I have yet to try them.  I would love to hear from you if you have and if you are satisfied with the results!  Evidently, they will print in more than the 4" x 4" size.  Genius!  Just what scrapbookers want and need!

Please comment below on your favorite outlet for printing your square photos.  I want to try them out!

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