May 4, 2013

Frugal Scrapbooking: Supplies from the Sewing Department

Where I live in Texas, I don't live close to a Walmart (shocking, I know!) so my opportunities to shop there are limited.  Yesterday, however, I made a special trip to a Walmart in Austin, mainly because my mom wanted to go and look for something in particular.

Many Walmart stores no longer have an actual fabric section, and some have even reduced their once nice scrapbooking aisle.  That was the case with this particular location.  Since I had time to snoop around, I shopped their aisle of sewing notions.  Here are some nice little finds that were quite affordable, totaling only $8.63:

Red Heart crochet thread (since I tend to use a lot of twine) - 125 yds for $2.25 Also available in white.
"Favorite Findings" Buttons (they have many different decorative ones!)  - $1.97
Gems - $1.47  (I think gems were located here because of the other supplies for making hair bows)
White satin Offray ribbon (18 feet) - $1.97

plus Sticky notes (from the office supply area) - $.97

If you are a scrapper who uses a lot of twine, I would recommend buying crochet thread.  Not only is it a spectacular buy (for 125 yards!) but it can come in many colors.  Wrap items on your page, use on tags, tie in your buttons -- this will be put in good use and it will last a long time!

The thought bubbles sticky notes will be fun to use for journaling, since I don't have a similar stamp.  Can't beat the price!  The office section also has bright color paperclips - traditional size and the round shaped.  I got some of these on a previous trip -- another awesome deal if you use a lot of these as embellishments on pages or cards.

I would have purchased more ribbon, but there were out of stock on many this visit.  Walmart is the only store I know of that carries very narrow grosgrain ribbon in different colors for such a low price. This time I picked up a silkier white ribbon for some of my Mother's Day cards I am finishing this weekend.  Walmart typically doesn't have loads of ribbon like a Michaels would have, but they have many different patterns that I don't usually see elsewhere.

Next time you are in Walmart, check out the sewing section for some scrapbook supplies at competitive prices!

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