Jan 20, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking Series: Home Office

Welcome to Day One of this fun series!  We are going on a daily Scavenger Hunt of our homes this week in order to find items of inspiration for a new scrapbook project.

For the next five days, I will give you a challenge for finding something to use differently. For instance, could you use the found item as a:
  1. Unique embellishment or ephemera? 
  2. Overlooked tool? 
  3. Something to turn into a trendy embellishment?
  4. Color inspiration for a new project?
  5. Subject of it's own scrapbook page?
Today's challenge: Home Office Review
Sometimes we forget about the handy items we could use from this room. As you start your scavenger hunt, open up your mind as you look for something that could have a new use.  Here are some items to get you started:
  • printer labels
  • old mail envelopes (look for cancelled stamps)
  • binder clips and paper clips
  • file folders and file tabs
  • CDs (new or old)
  • stationery with matching envelopes
  • key fobs or rings
  • receipt books, rolodex or index cards
  • coin, CD or other specialty envelopes
  • old books, dictionary, thesaurus
  • brads, rubber bands
  • hole punch, date stamps
  • Post-It notes or similar
  • packing tags, ticket rolls
  • punched hole reinforcements
Grab an item that makes you go "Aha!"

Finally, look at the entire room.  Is there an object or color that could trigger some creativity?  

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

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