Jan 22, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Bed, Bath and Beyond

Welcome to Day Three, Scavenger Scrapbooker!  Did you complete the hunt of the kitchen yesterday?  Did you remember to link up your project HERE?

After looking through my own kitchen, I discovered this stash that probably won't be used in it's original state anytime in the near future:

Yes, I have become one of those Coffee Addicts.  Tea is lovely, but I am usually finding something to wake me up more than to relax me!  After this find, I put together this quick pocket card:

This is an origami folded pocket card started from an 8" x 8" size sheet of paper. It is simply decorated with flowers, ribbon and a "digital sentiment."  (I created my own because I wanted a specific sentiment that I didn't have a stamp for)  Something great to give the Bestie for Valentine's Day.

Here is another idea using a coffee cup warmer:

This was an over sized Thank You card I made for my son's teacher last Spring, as a fun way to give her a Starbucks gift card.

Today's challenge: the Bedroom, Bathroom and Beyond
The "Beyond" can be another room in your house such as the laundry room.  I know that you're thinking that this search could be tricky, but you'll be surprised at what you can find!  As you start your hunt today, here are some items that may trigger creativity:
  • safety pins, Band-aids
  • emery boards, nail polish
  • shoelaces, cording from old sweat jackets
  • clothing tags or price tags from new clothing
  • old or broken jewelry pieces (beads, bling, hooks)
  • playing cards or miscellaneous game pieces, puzzle pieces, Legos
  • items from clothing to be discarded:  buttons, beads, tags, pockets, lace
  • greeting cards, old magazines or puzzle books
  • box from a favorite cologne or cosmetics
  • ribbon or twine from a cosmetic bag or pouch
  • dryer sheets, cotton balls
  • candy wrappers (come'on -- I know you have a stash like I do!)
Remember to hunt in your kids' rooms too!  THAT can be an interesting thing all in itself, right?

Would you rather have a Color Challenge?  Look at one of these rooms and find a color that could be the inspiration for today's project.

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

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