Jan 23, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Workroom Wonders

Welcome to Day Four of Scavenger Scrapbooking!  Did you complete a search of the bedroom, bathroom or beyond from yesterday?  Was it like going to "infinity and beyond?"

I have to say, I didn't think I would have much luck in my own hunt yesterday, but I did come across a couple things that didn't get thrown out in my "cleansing" right after Christmas.

Yes, that is a ponytail holder that was stretched out and unusable, plus an earring with a long, lost mate.  So what do you come up with for this?

The filigree on the hair band reminded me of this Cricut embossing folder I haven't used in eons, and the earring was the inspirations for the colors.  I will probably still use the earring beads for another card. 

Don't forget to link any of your projects for this week HERE.  

Ready for the next challenge?  Today it is the WORKROOM.  

This could be quite an opportunity for some unique finds!

If this area is considered the "Man Cave" of your home and it is an area you would rather not attempt, I understand! (We have certain "man rules" at our house too!)  Try another room such as the Mud Room, Hall Closet, inside the family vehicles, or the area of your home that is considered the "Drop Spot."

Here are some items that may spark your creativity from the workroom, garage or other area:
  • wire
  • old keys
  • picture hangers
  • paint chips, flooring or laminate samples
  • garden seed packets
  • washers, bolts, grommets
  • hinges or other small metal accents
  • nails and screws*
  • paint sticks
  • sand paper
  • cardboard
  • old measuring tape or wooden ruler
  • fast food wrappers, recycling
*Use a Dremel tool to cut off the top of nails or screws in order to use them on your page.

If this becomes difficult, try this:  While looking at this area of your home may not necessarily give you inspiration, you could find a texture for a project technique, a color from the family car or your gardening items, or the set-up of a work table for a sketch idea.  Oh yes -- we can really thinking outside the box. Or the garage, per se.

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

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