Jan 24, 2014

Scavenger Scrapbooking: Craft or Sewing Room Treasures

Welcome back, Scrappers for Day Five of Scavenger Scrapbooking! Yesterday's challenge was hard for me -- I was stumped with finding something.  If you found treasure from the workroom, don't forget to link up your project HERE.

There is an example I can show you of a layout completed a while ago with a found item: old luggage keys. (Remember the days when we could lock our luggage with these little things??)

 Today's search is in . . . . The Craft Room!

Yes, this may seem to be too obvious a place to look for hidden treasure, but let's take a relook, shall we?  While this may seem to be an obvious choice, we may have passed over some great goodies that can be additions to our scrapbooking stash. Ready for this challenge??

Don't forget to look through your crafts and sewing boxes for:
  • sewing machine or old sewing patterns
  • patches, fabric remnants
  • embroidery thread
  • feathers, fringe
  • felt, yarn
  • lace, elastic, rick rack, seam bias, zippers
  • leather pieces
  • foam craft pieces
  • measuring tapes, pins
  • gift bags and tags
  • silk flowers
  • beads
And if you are sure you won't find anything in your own craft room, maybe you can get permission to rummage through a family member's sewing or craft box. Not too long ago, my mom got rid of an old sewing machine table that she had around forever.  I had no place for it (I wish that I had!) but what I really wanted was to get inside those drawers before she threw everything out.  The button drawer was the grand prize; I was able to get a mason jar full of beloved buttons to use for scrapbooking and all sorts of projects!  

Or if you have the budget for it, allow yourself so much to spend at a local Thrift Shop or Goodwill Store. Look for some of the items above that you could find yourself tearing apart and using.  

Make sure you share what you find!

Lastly, if you would rather have a color challenge today, here is something fun:  Go get a favorite pillow in your home and put it by your scrap area.  Use the color and/or pattern from it as the inspiration for today's project!  

Use your item and/or inspiration to make a scrapbook or craft project.  Link up any of your projects for this series to THIS MAIN PAGE at any time so that future readers can become inspired by your project!  

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